Written, edited, produced and directed by Marianna Bukowski.
Brando  60" Promo.
By Marianna Bukowski for The Biography Channel. 
GFX Rose James at SKY Creative.
Promax BDA winner 
Kate Moss (30 Sec Promo). 
This promo's script and visually 'religious' concept (photo lens flare creating a halo etc) is intended as a play on today's culture of celebrity worship - reflecting the icon status of Kate Moss following her comeback (second coming) after career controversy. 
Copywriting, edited, directed / produced by Marianna Bukowski for the Biography channel. 
WW2 Propaganda
The archive film material in this promo is from Leni Riefenstahl's film "Triumph of the Will"  - one of the most successful (and terrifying) examples of political propaganda in film making. The idea was to combine this iconic footage and media manipulation tools used at that time (and in use to this day) - In a modern advertising / 'Paul Arden' style type font. Promo concept / written, edited and produced by Marianna Bukowski for Military History (2008). 

Porn on the Brain documentary on Channel4. 
Due to the nature / subject of this documentary - Teenagers with internet porn addiction - only very limited material was allowed to be used for promotion of this programme. The visual concept was built from MRI scans: Creating the illusion of "Sex on the Brain" through body shapes / movements as if seen through an MRI brain scan. 
Promo directed by Marianna Bukowski for Channel 4.
Concept / Design idea by Marianna Bukowski
Online by Dean at ENVY and Audio by Ian at Platform.

Remembrance Sunday 
A visual concept reflecting on the human sacrifice / loss of life on the battlefields that later turn into fields of poppies. Promo concept, edited and produced by Marianna Bukowski for the History Channel (2008). War poem "In Flanders Fields" written during First World War by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.
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