Witold Pilecki Article History of War Magazine Nov 2018
Captain Witold Pilecki Article (2000 words), written by Marianna Bukowski for History of War magazine, November 2018.
Iwan Rheon Cover Interview Tydzien Polski Sep 2018
Cover interview article with Iwan Rheon, leading actor in 'Hurricane'. Written by Marianna Bukowski (in English) for Tydzien Polski (Polish Weekly), September 2018.
Film reviews & interviews for History of War Magazine
Film reviews and director interviews ('Hurricane' and 'The Last Witness') by Marianna Bukowski for History of War magazine, July & August 2018.
Warsaw Uprising Feature Article History of War May2018
Warsaw Uprising - Feature Article (4000 words) written by Marianna Bukowski for History of War magazine May 2018.
Tydzien Polski COVER March 2018
Oscars 2018 Film Review (in English) by Marianna Bukowski for Tydzien Polski newspaper - Cover Feature Article
Tydzien Polski COVER June 2017
Cover Feature Interview for Tydzien Polski newspaper, June 2017
Goniec Magazine March 2017
Interview for Goniec Magazine, March 2017.
Tydzien Polski February 2017
Commentary on Oscars 2017 in Tydzien Polski newspaper.
LAJT Magazine COVER Oct 2016
LAJT Magazine Cover / Polish Express Interview.
Cooltura Magazine Sep 2016
'A one-woman army at the battlefront of cinema' Interview Cooltura Weekly Magazine, September 2016
Tydzien Polski June 2016
Tydzien Polski article - 'Portrait of a Soldier' film screening at Ognisko Polish Hearth Club 31.05.16
Tydzien Polski May - June 2016
FULL PAGE film poster & competition in 'Tydzien Polski' weekly Newspaper. FIVE week ad campaign. May - June 2016.
Tydzien Polski COVER April 2016
Cover Feature Interview 'Portrait of a Director' for Tydzien Polski newspaper, April 2016.
TVP Polonia24 News Interview
Interview for TVP Polonia24 News. Broadcast May 2016.
TYDZIEN POLSKI February 2016
Commentary on Oscars 2016 in Tydzien Polski newspaper.
Tydzien Polski (Polish Weekly) article about 'Portrait of a Soldier' documentary.
Polish Radio 1 / Jedynka 16.01.16
Polish Radio 1 Interview about 'Portrait of a Soldier' film.
Polish Embassy London Premiere
Premiere screening of 'Portrait of a Soldier' at the Polish Embassy in London, 14 January 2016.
New Eastern Europe Nov 2015
Film review and Interview for 'Portrait of a Soldier' in New Eastern Europe (Print and online) November / December 2015 issue.
Polish Radio (English interview)
Polish Radio Interview (in English) about 'Portrait of a Soldier' 06.10.15
TVP1 Broadcast Premiere
TVP1 (Polish National TV) Broadcast Premiere of 'Portrait of a Soldier' 05.10.15.
Świat się kręci - Live TV 05.10.15
Together with Wanda Traczyk-Stawska talking about 'Portrait of a Soldier' on Live TV 'Swiat sie kreci' 05.10 15 with Artur Orzech.
TVP Filmoteka 05.10.15
Interview TVP (Polish TV) Filmoteka Online 05.10.15
Gazeta Wyborcza
Wyborcza 4 STARS & 'Pick of the Day'
Polska The Times 05.10.15
Film Review of 'Portrait of a Soldier' in Polska The Times 05.10.15.
Histmag.org Interview 03.10.15
Interview with Histmag.org
Onet.pl Interview 01.10.15
Interview with Onet.pl
Military History Monthly REVIEW (Oct 2015)
Military History Monthly review of 'Portrait of a Soldier' film.
Nowy Czas Article & Review (English)
Article (in Polish) and film review (in English) on 'Portrait of a Soldier' documentary, September 2015.
Roger Moorhouse REVIEW
Film review of 'Portrait of a Soldier" by Historian Roger Moorhouse
TVP Warszawa TV News 02.08.15
TVP Warszawa TV News Clip 'Portrait of a Soldier' screening at Warsaw University 02.08.15
Polska.pl web portal 01.08.15
Interview with Polska.pl
Polska The Times 31.07.15
Interview for Polska The Times.
TVP Warszawa News 13.07.15
TVP Warszawa TV News clip - from the screening of 'Portrait of a Soldier' documentary at the Warsaw Rising Museum 13.07.15.
Nasza Historia (July - Aug 2015)
Interview for Nasza Historia (Polish History Magazine).
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015
'Portrait of a Soldier' was selected for Sheffield Doc/Fest Videotheque 2015.
TVP.pl (Polish TV) Jan 2015
TVP1 (Polish TV) Broadcast of 'Heroes of War' Series.
Cooltura Magazine April 2012
Interview with Cooltura Polish Weekly Magazine.
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